Wed Sept. 21 Updates

Bonjour à tous! We had another great day at school.  Here are a couple of updates.


  • Livret rouge: students have received this booklet today.  They will practice saying the sound, French words that contain the sound, and will also show their parent(s) the action that was associated with it in class.
  • Cahier jaune: students will do ONE more page tonight (no more than one!)
  • Pré-dictée: this has been excluded from tonight’s homework. Instead, students will write their names out another 5 times during class tomorrow.

Scholastic Book Orders
Students have taken French Scholastic Book forms home today in their envelopes.  There is absolutely no pressure to purchase anything, but if you or your child are interested in anything, please fill out the form, include the money for it, and place them both in your child’s envelope.

Library Bags
Library only takes place on Monday, but I think it is best to remind parents as early as possible to make sure the children have suitable book bags for library.  We will be making our second trip next week, so please ensure that your child has a durable, waterproof book bag by next Monday.

Mass tomorrow
Tomorrow, we have our monthly mass!  Please ensure that your child brings with them their sweater or sweater vest so that we can look our best!

Rather than write a blog post every single night, I will summarize the activities and the things we learned at the end of every week.  I will do my best to publish these posts in a timely manner, for you to peruse over the weekend!

Lastly, please take a look at my Master Post for all the general information that you should know for this year.  I think you will find it helpful!

Thank you for taking the time to read.  May you have a blessed week!

Merci bien,
Madame Sanico

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