Weekend Reminders

Bonjour parents,

It was great to see everyone that attended the Back to School BBQ!  I hope everyone had a good time, and a hot dog or two!

Just some reminders over the weekend…

  • Students have added a new sound to their livret rouge!  While I know that students are not typically assigned homework over the weekend,  Madame Pizzolon and I would like it if students just practiced the new sound and hand gesture they learned.  No writing required, just a quick two minute review of the latest sound and action!
  • We sent home our Dictée workbooksplease sign them to verify that your child has correctly completed it, and be sure to place them once more in the envelopes to bring back to school :)
  • We have Library on Monday afternoon!  Please make sure that your child has a suitable book bag with them, so that they are able to borrow books from the library.  Please refer to the Master Post under “Library Days” for a more specific description of the kind of book bag they require.
  • Please continue to raise Marcheton money!  We would love it if every child could raise at least $65 dollars so that we can all have an amazing yellow t-shirt to wear during the walk!
  • For all those who indicated that they were available to walk with Grade 1F during theMarcheton, I have contacted the parents that I’ve (randomly) selected.  The 6 parents that I’ve e-mailed will walk with another teacher and Madame Pizzolon, for a total of 8 adults to walk with Grade 1F.
  • Please also note that I’ll be sending out a general e-mail regarding Parent Readers. For those who don’t know, Parent Readers come to the school every so often to come read with the students in the hall during class time, to either help improve or challenge their reading ability.  I have 2 parents already pre-selected, but I am in need of another 2.  If this is something you feel up to the task for, please let me know.  All the same, I will also be sending out that e-mail over the next couple of days.

Students are still having some trouble remembering to bring their envelope back to school every morning — and some have also forgotten to to bring them home!  Unfortunately I have found a couple of envelopes left behind at the school either by the hallway hooks, on or within their desks.  It is extremely important for our learning during the day that the envelope comes back with all of the contents.  I’m sure this will get easier for all of us as the year goes on, but until then, I will continue to give the same reminders about envelopes at school — and a gentle reminder at home would be a huge help, too!

For a better picture of the things we learned and did this week, I encourage you to take a look at my Weekly recap!  :)

Merci encore pour avoir visité le blogue!  Bon fin de semaine!

Have a blessed weekend!

Madame Sanico

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