Week of Sept. 26-30

Another busy week of first grade has passed!  Here’s a quick recap of the things we did and learned.

For Français, we learned about the special “é” sound.  We focused on words that contained the sound “c/k”, “l” and “e”.  We also wrote a simple story together in our Histoires cahier (stories workbook).  As a class, we came up with possible characters and possible settings, and voted together for the character and place that would be in our story.  In honour of Terry Fox, our story ended up being about him. Terry Fox cours aux écoles de Canada.  Il cours avec les animaux! Quels animaux?  Students decided individually which animals he ran with!

For Les Mathématiques, we have nearly wrapped up our unit on les régularités (patterns).  We incorporated what we learned about patterns to the season of fall, by creating patterns with fall and school related objects, like: apples, leaves, and pencils!  We learned about how we can associate the alphabet and letters to the patterns that we create.  They were challenged to create their very own régularité with everything they have learned so far about patterns.

For La réligion, we finished up the month with Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  We also learned about how Mary said “yes” to Jesus and was excited to do his will, even though Joseph was unsure.  We also read a story about how Jesus was the perfect son, but how no one but Him can be that perfect.  They were asked to reflect on why Jesus was so perfect: they concluded that it was because he always did what his earthly parents (Mary and Joseph) asked of him, what God asked of him, and he probably never disobeyed his teachers at school, either!

For Les sciences humaines, we learned about personal space and keeping our hands to ourselves.  We discussed why it’s important to make sure that we, and the others around us, are comfortable.  With the Terry Fox Run that happened this week, we learned about him, how he grew up practically next door to us, and the reason why he wanted to run across the country.  We also got together with our Grade 5F Buddies to do a fun Action de Grâce (Thanksgiving) activity together!  Together, they discussed the things they were grateful for, and created beautiful couronnes (wreaths).

For Les sciences, we delved into our unit of seasons!  We brainstormed together the differences between summer and fall, then winter and spring.  We distinguished specific weather, holidays, and activities that we do during each particular season.  In this way, we were also able to review a lot of good holiday-themed vocabulary together!

And of course, we had Library, Music, and Gym classes throughout the week.

We also created a new signal for classroom quiet together!  Try saying “La chute” (pronounced: la shoot — meaning “waterfall” in English) and see what their response is!  :)

We had a lot of fun together this week!  I hope we have another great time together next week  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Madame Sanico

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