Weekend Updates & Reminders

Bonjour parents,

Here are just a couple of updates and reminders for the weekend!

  • There is a new sound in the livret rouge.  Please let your child show it to you, and if they’re feeling like it, the other sounds that they’ve learned from the start, as well!
  • We had our daily dictée on Friday!  Students were asked to neatly write out their first and last name once, as neatly as possible.  They weren’t able to go home over the weekend, but will be sent next week for you to verify their work, and to once again sign it.  I will be sure to send a reminder when they eventually do go home.
  • We have Library once again on Monday.  If they borrowed a book, please make sure your child remembers to bring it back so we can return them and take out new books!

October is fast approaching!  One month down, and we’re all doing great so far!  :)

Thank you all once again for your continued support in the classroom.  Have a blessed and safe weekend.

Madame Sanico

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