January 23rd to January 27th

January 23rd to January 27th

Bonjour grade 2F parents, I hope everyone had a wonderful week.


This week the students worked on:

French: Dictée et Pré-dictée le son g doux. They also wrote a story about their own snowman and finalized their piece of writing.

Science: We talked about the salmon and how important water is for them as well as how and where they hatch their eggs. We continued to discuss the importance of water to plants, humans and animals as well. We then went on talking about clouds- why and how it rains what are the causes.

Social Studies: We talked about how to draw a map including titles and NSEW.

Religion: We talked about the Good Sumaritan what are good choices he made and what are choices we can make to follow his example.

Math: We continued working on addition and subtraction then the students had a test on the material we have covered so far in the Unit.


Merci et bonne fin de semaine!

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