March 6th to March 10th

March 6th to March 10th

Bonjour grade 2F parents, I hope everyone had a wonderful week.


This week the students worked on:

French: We wrote a story about a fairy of their choice. They had to use the 5 W’s, use much detail in their story and follow the criteria that was given to them.

Science: We continued talking about the water cycle- condensation, precipitation and evaporation.

Social Studies: We talked about the mayor of the city of Coquitlam and his 8 councillors. What were their responsibilities in the community and when they were elected as well as the when the following election will be held. This was followed by a journal writing with questions they had to answer to the best of their understanding.

Religion: We worked on our Gold books in order to prepare for their first communion. We talked about people who need the most love in the world and the importance of showing care for those who need it. We also discussed how we would show this care.

Math: We continued working on addition and subtraction and practiced our knowledge of word problems using manipulatives.



Hope you have a wonderful spring break!

Merci et bonne fin de semaine!

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