April 3rd to April 7th

April 3rd to April 7th

Bonjour grade 2F parents, I hope everyone had a wonderful week.


This week the students worked on:

French: We started writing a story about a surprise trip. We also worked on verbe avoir, etre et aller and did our dictée du son “ien”.

Science: We continued talking about rain, and clouds and we reviewed the water cycle once again.

Social Studies: We worked on the class mayor written piece and how it will be presented and prepared for next week.

Religion: We worked on our Gold books in order to prepare for their first communion. We talked about God’s creations and how they are important and should be respected around the world.

Math: We continued working on addition and subtraction and practiced our knowledge of word problems using manipulatives. We also worked on finding different numbers who are added to each other and equals to the same questions given.



I have sent reminders in a separate e-mail

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Merci et bonne fin de semaine!

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