Wednesday, October 22nd:

Math: p. 64 #1-3 & 6-11

Religion: finish cartoon strip

Art project: make sure you take advantage of the long weekend to work on it!


Tuesday, October 21st:

Math: p. 60 #1-4, 6, 7, 9, 10

Writing: Good copy of “would you rather” story


Friday, October 17th:

Science quiz signed


Wednesday, October 15th:

*** Reminder*** 6E and 3E Mass tomorrow.  Be at school at 8:40

Math: p. 50 #1-6

Writing: “would you rather” draft

Science: Ch. 1 quiz tomorrow


Tuesday, October 14th:

No spelling test this week

Math: 2 worksheets on multiples and prime and composite numbers

Science: Ch. 1 quiz Thursday

Project: bring any supplies to work on your art tomorrow afternoon


Tuesday, October 7th:

Math: p. 44 #1-3 & 6-7

Art From Around the World Project


Monday, October 6th:

Spelling: 10 sentences and 5 dictionary words. Test Thursday

Math: p.41 #1-5 & 7

Writing: self edit “fun in the great outdoors” paragraph.

Science: Meeting needs within the environment worksheet. Go to “What’s That? Under the Sea” on Youtube if needed.

French: Test signed and corrections.

Wednesday, October 1st:

Math: p.37 #1,3-7 &9

Science: Science Probe 6 p. 9 complete “check your understanding”.

Novel Study: 2 questions about Wonder to share with your “book club”.


Tuesday, September 30th:

Spelling: Test Friday

Math: Ch. 2 Whole Numbers — p.34 #1-4 & 7

Novel Study: 2 conversation starting questions about Wonder for your “book club” – due Thursday


Tuesday, September 23rd:

Math: Chapter Review p. 27 #8-14

Chapter 1 Test Wednesday


Science:  Lab report (good copy) – due Wednesday


Social Studies:  map with hemispheres (continents and oceans labelled) – due Friday


Spelling: Test Friday

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  1. Mrs.Budai can you give us extra time to work on our projects tomorrow?? PLease i forgot my information at home. Thanks

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