Info For The Week

* We are studying the letter “r” this week. Please bring in images of things that begin with “r”

*Library books are due back Wednesday, November 23rd

* Students will be dismissed at 12:15 this Thursday, November 24th

* Mass will be held this Friday, November 25th. Please ensure that your child is dressed in full uniform

*Report cards will go out this Friday, November 25th

* When handing in hot lunch orders please remember to put the money in a bag and staple it to the order form. Thanks!

Have a great week!

Ms. Petruzzelli


Hot Lunch, Letter of the Week & More

* This upcoming Wednesday is Hot Lunch Day if you ordered it for your child. It will be a NON-UNIFORM day and the theme is the 80s so please dress your child in 80s attire.

*We are studying the letter “B” this week. Please bring in images of things that begin with B

*Library books are due this Wednesday, November 9th

* This Thursday we are having a litterless lunch. Please try to only use reusable containers for your child’s lunch and snack

* This upcoming Friday, November 11th is Remembrance Day. Schools will be closed.

*This upcoming Monday, November 14th is a PRO-D Day which means school is not in session

Scholastic Book Fair

Tomorrow we are going to the Scholastic Book Fair (church basement) to view the books and supplies. Please do not put any money in your child’s folder unless you are unable to take your child  after school as keeping track of and counting the money becomes a large ordeal and each class is only booked for a short amount of time. Your child will have a chance to look at everything and then purchase it with you at a later time. If you are unable to go tomorrow after school, the Book Fair is open today after school as well.

Giants Literacy Challenge, Photos

* The Vancouver Giants came into the school a couple of days ago to talk to the students about reading and physical activity. Today, I am sending home a booklet that encourages these things. All of the instructions are inside and if you complete the form (over a two week period) with your child, they will earn free tickets to an upcoming Giants game :)

* Photos are due back this upcoming Monday, November 7th. If you would like to keep the photos, please send in the correct amount of money. If you would like re-takes, please indicate this on the form and return the whole package. If you would not like any photos, please still return the entire package.