This week

This week we are studying the letter “Q”. We had a quick talk this morning about something exciting we are planning for the letters Q and U …ask your child to see if they remember ;)

We are continuing with our Community Helpers unit and had Nurse Monika come and visit us today teaching us about her job at St. Pauls as a Cardio Nurse. We learnt how her stethoscope worked as well as how she helps people who are sick.

Tomorrow we will be having a Police Officer visit, Wednesday we will have a Firefighter, and Friday we will have 2 dads from our class visit! Wow what an exciting week!

Gift From God:  We will be starting our Gift from God program tomorrow. In your child’s folder today I have sent home the family package along with the pictures. Please make sure you follow along with the lessons. I will be posting daily on the Blog which lesson we will be covering. Tomorrow we will only be doing Concept A.

Please DO NOT work ahead in the books. Each lesson is organized to have a classroom lesson followed by a family discussion.

Classroom Parents:  I am still in need of parents to volunteer some time to work in the classroom. I do have a few projects that need to be completed in the classroom and can’t be sent home for parent work. Please see me right away if you can help out. Any amount of time is greatly appreciated.


Chinese New Year


This week we are looking at Chinese New Year and preparing to have a celebration of our own on Friday afternoon. We will be having a dragon parade and trying some Chinese food!

We also looked at the following chart to see what animal we are. Ask your child to see if they remember their animal!

Image result for chinese zodiac

As we continue to study communities we are in need of parent helpers to prep our community buildings. For this I will need a few parents to spend a few hours in our classroom in the next couple weeks…this counts towards PPH hours. Please sign up on your preferred date at our classroom doors after school or in the morning.

Cleaners: I am also looking for a few parents to earn PPH by helping out after schools from 3- 330pm to clean some of our toys, in order to keep our classroom clean and germ free!

If you are able to do so please send me an email asap.

Skating on Wednesday

We have our skating field trip on Wednesday January 25th.

Please remember that we will need to leave as soon as possible in the morning to be able to use our full time at the rink.

Students must be dressed in appropriate skating attire (gloves, jackets, pants…etc). This is a non-uniform day.

I have the following parents down to drive/supervise:





Lee (Justin)


Lee (Racehl)



Thank you for everyone who volunteered to drive/supervise. If you ARE NOT ABLE to drive and are on the list please let me know asap.

I would ask all drivers to be here by 9am so we can get organized and leave as soon as possible.

If you are dropping off a booster seat for your child please do so in the morning during drop off. Please label your booster seat.




This Week

We have finished studying the  Letter O this week and have been practicing our “O” words. Ask your child what “O’ words they know!

We are continuing our Winter theme study learning about what animals do in winter next week along with how we prepare for winter.  We also practiced some great winter activities by acting them out..ask your child to show you how to ski, snowboard or make snow angels!

Image result for winter free clipart

We are also busy learning about communities and will be having some community workers visiting us in the next few weeks.  I do have a few in class projects that I need a hand with if there are any parent volunteers that would like to sign up to do some classroom work. Please remember to sign up after school on the calendar.




Few Reminders for next week:

 Tuesday Jan 24th:  Litterless Lunch

Wednesday Jan 25th: Skating (non-uniform day). I will send out an email to those parents chosen for driving Monday.

Thursday Jan 26th: Family Reading

Friday Jan 27th: Chinese New Year Celebration in class