100 day posters

Today I am sending home the posters to complete the 100 day poster assignment. I sent home the pink paper explaining the assignment yesterday.

Please make sure you check your child`s folder daily as there is important information in there.

Healthy Foods!

As we have begun our Healthy Foods Unit this week we completed our first week by making a healthy breakfast! This afternoon we made yogurt parfaits with vanilla yogurt, mixed berries and Mrs Lemire and Miss Simone`s homemade granola! Yummy!

We all learnt how to make it and promised to try and make it at home with mommy`s and daddy`s :)

This week we learnt about Healthy and Sometimes foods and are continuing to work on the 4 food groups! Practice at home by asking your child to help you sort foods into the 4 food groups: Fruits and Veggies, Dairy, Grains and Meats and Alternatives.

Next week we will be having an Alleluia Assembly on Tuesday and then Ash Wednesday Mass the following day.

Our letter of the week next week is: V

Hope to see you all at the Carnaval tonight!


Gift From God

Today we covered the next lesson in the Gift from God program.

Your child has completed page 7 and 8. You are to review these pages at home with the family lesson tonight. Please make sure that the books are returned tomorrow.

If there are pages from previous lessons that have not been completed please do so as well.


stuffed animals

We are setting up a new dramatic play area in our classroom…a veterinary clinic!

In order to have ‘patients’ at our clinic I am asking for students to bring in any stuffed animals that they may have at home that are no longer used/wanted. Please do not let your child bring in any special stuffed animals as all the children will be playing with them. I am only asking for stuffed animals that are needing a new home :)

At the end of the year I will be cleaning them all and donating them to a local charity.



This week:

Composting: We have started a school wide composting initiative so if you have extra flyers / news papers please send them in so we can line our classroom bin

Sweaters: I have a few sweaters here in the classroom that do not have names on them. Please make sure you label your child’s clothing. Also please check your child’s sweater and make sure it is theirs as I have a few students missing their sweaters.

Wed Feb 22nd: Hot Lunch / Pink Shirt Day / Do Bugs need Drugs Presentation

Gift from God: Today I have sent home the Gift From God books please complete the next lesson and page 6 in the workbooks

Have a great week!


Welcome Back

We are getting back into the swing of things after all those days off!

This week we are studying the letter “S”.

For those of you that did not get to have Student Led Conferences on Wednesday , please stay tuned as I will be rescheduling the conferences shortly. An email will be sent to you with more info.

For those of you that were able to attend, thank you for coming ! Your children were so happy and proud to show their work to you :)

Today we had the wedding of the letters Q & U ! The event was very successful with a beautiful ceremony and spectacular reception full of
cupcakes and of course dancing!Image result for Q clip artImage result for U clip art

Today we also had a surprise pizza lunch for bringing in the most recycling money! Woo hoo! Way to go Kindergarten English.

PS…if your child has not eaten their entire lunch that is why ;)

Image result for pizzaclip art

We also had many Valentines treats given to us today, so each child is coming home with an additional ziploc bag full of goodies. If you  remember could you please send back the ziploc bag. Thanks!

This week we will be continuing with the Gift from God program so please check your child’s folder starting tomorrow for their booklet so you can continue with the corresponding home lessons.

We are also starting a composting program within the school and had an assembly today to explain composting. Ask your child what composting is and what items can or can not be composted!Image result for compost clip art



This Week

With the crazy winter weather we have had the last couple days and the shortened school week I just wanted to send out a few reminders.

Student Led Conferences are on for tomorrow. Please note that should there be any changes to this you will receive an email, but also check the school website for information.

If you are unable to make the conference due to the weather please email me asap and I will look at setting up another time for you to come in with your child.

Q & U Wedding has been postponed until Tuesday Feb 14th.

There is NO SCHOOL Thursday Feb 9th, Friday Feb 10th and Monday Feb 13th.