Welcome Back

We are getting back into the swing of things after all those days off!

This week we are studying the letter “S”.

For those of you that did not get to have Student Led Conferences on Wednesday , please stay tuned as I will be rescheduling the conferences shortly. An email will be sent to you with more info.

For those of you that were able to attend, thank you for coming ! Your children were so happy and proud to show their work to you :)

Today we had the wedding of the letters Q & U ! The event was very successful with a beautiful ceremony and spectacular reception full of
cupcakes and of course dancing!Image result for Q clip artImage result for U clip art

Today we also had a surprise pizza lunch for bringing in the most recycling money! Woo hoo! Way to go Kindergarten English.

PS…if your child has not eaten their entire lunch that is why ;)

Image result for pizzaclip art

We also had many Valentines treats given to us today, so each child is coming home with an additional ziploc bag full of goodies. If you  remember could you please send back the ziploc bag. Thanks!

This week we will be continuing with the Gift from God program so please check your child’s folder starting tomorrow for their booklet so you can continue with the corresponding home lessons.

We are also starting a composting program within the school and had an assembly today to explain composting. Ask your child what composting is and what items can or can not be composted!Image result for compost clip art



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