Healthy Foods!

As we have begun our Healthy Foods Unit this week we completed our first week by making a healthy breakfast! This afternoon we made yogurt parfaits with vanilla yogurt, mixed berries and Mrs Lemire and Miss Simone`s homemade granola! Yummy!

We all learnt how to make it and promised to try and make it at home with mommy`s and daddy`s :)

This week we learnt about Healthy and Sometimes foods and are continuing to work on the 4 food groups! Practice at home by asking your child to help you sort foods into the 4 food groups: Fruits and Veggies, Dairy, Grains and Meats and Alternatives.

Next week we will be having an Alleluia Assembly on Tuesday and then Ash Wednesday Mass the following day.

Our letter of the week next week is: V

Hope to see you all at the Carnaval tonight!


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