Belvedere and Literacy Week

Easter at Belvedere

Today we had the great pleasure of attending Belvedere to take part in Easter games, races and even and Easter Egg Hunt! We met the Easter bunny and had a great time ! As a special treat we got to take home cookies too. We also made cards for the seniors at Belvedere as they took so much time to organize and set up a great event for us.

Literacy Week

Next week we will be taking part in Literacy Week with the entire school. Our theme is Superheros ! I am asking any parents to send in a cape if your child has one at home. This is for a project we will be doing on Monday. If you don’t have one no problem I will have a few extra :)

Home Reading

Today I have sent home a Home Reading Package. Please read the letter inside and email me if you have any questions. Also I ask that you please keep these books in the plastic bag at all times as these are our classroom books and can not be replaced if lost or damaged.

Sight Words

We have begun our sight word assessments this week and the students are doing great! I encourage you to continue practicing at home as the children are becoming more and more excited about reading! New lists have been sent home to those children who have mastered at least 80-90% of the words.



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