This week…

Good Morning Kindergarten Parents…

As we start our last week before Christmas break with a snow day I thought it might be a good time to send out some info for the week ahead….hoping that we do get to school this week :)

Hot Lunch on Wednesday is CANCELLED and postponed to January due to the unpredictable weather. Please make sure you pack a lunch for your child on Wednesday. I will try to send out another reminder.

Image result for congratulations you did itI would also like to congratulate ALL the Kindergarten students for their AMAZING performance at the Christmas Concert! Woo Hoo Kindergarten English!

Image result for religious christmas clip artWe continue to prepare for Christmas in our classroom not only with decorations and Christmas art work, but most importantly preparing for Jesus’ birth. We will continue to read different stories of the Nativity and discuss the importance of preparing our hearts for Jesus. We will also  be participating in the Advent Paraliturgy on Tuesday with the school at 11am.

There will be a sign up sheet outside our classroom door in January for parents to sign up to come in and help with classroom activities. If you are interested please sign up after school ONLY as mornings can be a little busy :)

Don’t for get Friday Dec 16th we will be going to Mass. Please make sure your child has their school sweater.

Image result for christmas story snowsuit
From: The Christmas Story

With the snowy weather recess and lunch are the perfect time to have lots of snow play….so please have your child dressed appropriately for the weather. This includes boots, mittens or gloves, hats and snow jackets. Snow pants are not required but are recommended for those who really enjoy the snow :) We will only be putting on snow pants for lunch recess as morning recess is too short to get all our gear on.

Enjoy the snow day and please check the blog later this week for other announcements and information.

Concert reminders

A few quick reminders for tomorrows concerts:

– I have all the costumes at school. For those children that didn’t bring their costume today, please bring it to school tomorrow morning in a labelled bag.

– our performances are at 130pm and 6pm

– please arrive at the school at 530pm (no later) for the evening performance so we can have the children ready to go

– I will be sending home their costumes after school tomorrow

– Yes, they can wear their black school shoes :)

– students MUST come in their costume for the evening performance

Hope this is everything…any questions please see me tomorrow morning


Here is a description of the costumes as far as I know. The kids have been very helpful in describing to me :)


White sweater, white tutu or skirt, red leggings, red scarf, black shoes


White shirt, white pants, red scarf, black shoes


Please see me if you have any questions


Christmas Concert Info

Our dress rehearsal is tomorrow morning. 

Please have your child come to school in their costume and pack their uniform in their bag. This will save us time in the morning and have us ready to go for 9am.

If you have questions about the costume please see me after school today.


Mrs Lemire is back!

As you all know I, Mrs Lemire, have now returned from my maternity leave. We said good-bye to Miss Petruzzelli with sad hearts but are wishing her luck in her teaching career. As I do know some parents already, for those of you that don’t know me I’d like to take a quick minute to introduce myself to you.

I have been teaching at Fatima since 2013 and LOVE teaching Kindergarten! For the remainder of the Kindergarten year we will be having a strong focus in play- based learning and discovery, but most of all enjoying being a Kindergartener!

I have a background in fitness and dance so we will be moving and dancing when we are not working hard to learn our letter sounds in preparation for reading and writing! One of my passions in teaching is reading so we will be starting our sight words and home reading programs soon…more to come on this in January!

I believe that success for any child in Kindergarten has much to do with strong parent-teacher communication.  This is why I like to post little excerpts of what we do in the classroom as often as possible. I do recommend reading the blog with your child from time to time as I love to brag about the amazing work they do in class. :)

I encourage you as parents to stop by the classroom in the next couple weeks to introduce yourself to me as well as take a look at the great work your child has been doing…and will continue to do!  Remember it will take a bit of time for me to get to know you as well so please have patience with me :)

Please keep in mind that this time of transition from one teacher to another can be difficult for children. Some may embrace the change while others may be nervous. There will be changes in our daily routines, how activities are organized and teaching methods. These changes will be done slowly and with as much ease as possible. As parents you can help at home by setting a positive example and reminding your child that with change comes a new adventure. You can also remind them that there will be changes and new things for you too!

As part of keeping parents involved in their child’s Kindergarten year, I do welcome parent volunteers within the classroom to help with various activities and programs. The hours you spend in the classroom can be applied to your PPH  and a bonus is that you get to see what we do in Kindergarten! There will be more to come on this in January as I do have a sign up process.

I know we will have a great remainder of the year in Kindergarten and am very excited to be back. I have briefly had the opportunity to work alongside your child during my first two days and already know that I have a talented, kind-hearted and enthusiastic class ready for an adventure!

Once again , if you have any concerns or questions, please stop by to see me or email me.