Scholastic, Walkathon

* Scholastic orders are due this upcoming Friday, September 23rd

* Walkathon permission forms (white sheet) are due this upcoming Monday, September 26th

Thank you to those who brought in images of things that start with the letter “T”. The kids really enjoyed looking at all of them and I will be putting them around the class :)


Letter of the Week & Apples

* We have begun studying the letter “T” today. If you would like to work with your child to find pictures of things that start with “t” and bring them into the classroom via the folder, that would be great!

* Please bring in 1 apple of any colour. We are starting to study apples and will be cooking with them at the end

Have a great week!

Apples, Labels

- This week we will be starting a unit on apples. If you have one, please send an apple of any colour (red, green or yellow) with your child to school tomorrow

– Please label your child’s snack with an “R” either on the container or the bag. A lot of containers were not labelled today which made it very difficult for the children to identify which foods were for snack time and which were for lunch

Thank you!

Ms. Petruzzelli

Next Week

A few things for next week:

-There is no school tomorrow, September 16th

– From September 19-23, the students will be dismissed at 1:30pm. Please be sure to pack your child a lunch.

– If you have not yet brought a ziplock bag with extra clothes (just in case package) for your child, please do so on Monday

– The following forms were handed out at Meet The Teacher Night: Ipad Use Policy, Release Off Site, Computer Network Acceptable Use Policy and a Walkathon notice

If you have not yet signed and returned one of each, please do so on Monday. If you need an extra copy, please email me and I will send one home.

Have a great weekend!


Gym Shoes, Owl Kids Form

- In your child’s folder you will find a small form from Owl Kids. Could you please fill it out and send it back. The more forms sent in, the more items we get for the classroom

– A few of you still have not brought in gym shoes. Please bring a pair in by the end of this week. Gym shoes can be any colour and any brand

– Lunch Lady forms (paper copy) are due tomorrow

God bless!

Prayers, Hot Lunch, Scholastic, Gym Shoes

A few reminders:

– In your child’s folder you will find a copy of two prayers which we are currently learning. Please practice with your child whenever possible

– Tomorrow the children will be attending their first gym class. If you have not yet brought in a pair of gym shoes (labelled please) for your child, please do so tomorrow morning

– Scholastic orders are due back Sept.23rd (optional)

– Lunch Lady forms (paper copy) are due TOMORROW (no school on Friday). If you wish to purchase lunch online, you may do so up to 2 days before the hot lunch date



First Week of School

Dear parents,

I hope everyone had a blessed and relaxing weekend. We have officially entered into our first week of school and it has been such a joy to see so much excitement and enthusiasm from the kids. Here are a few reminders for this week:

– If you have not already done so, please hand in all of the permission forms given out at Meet The Teacher Night last week as soon as possible

– If you have not already done so, please bring in ONE family photo tomorrow morning. The kids will be painting picture frames to go around them this week and we will be putting them up on a wall inside the classroom. You will get the photo back at the end of the year.

– If you have not already done so, please bring in a small blanket and reusable bag (for library) labelled with your child’s name

–  Dismissal is at 12pm this whole week

– School is not in session this upcoming Friday, September 16th

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

God bless!

Ms. Petruzzelli