Week 3 so far…

Today your child received their first library book.  Please do one page in the library cahier–in pencil only.  Also let your child copy and print out the title and author’s name, and have them circle whether the book was excellent, medium or terrible.  You can fill in the comment area by stating what your child thinks of the book.  As the year goes on, your child should be able to do the printing in the comment area, or in fact, fill it in themselves.  Please use both sides of the paper for the entries as we would like this cahier to last all year long.   Please review the notice that you got on meet the teacher night for more details.  Please help your child to remember to bring their library bag,  book and cahier always on Mondays.

Also your child received their ‘devoirs’–homework cahier today.   Please have your child do all the work in pencil only–they will need your guidance of course.  When necessary,  please have them colour in crayons or pencil crayons only–no felts please–they have a nasty habit of bleeding through the pages.  Your child will probably be excited to do their homework–if they are not, please have them hand it in at least once per week.   It’s good practise for their fine motor skills and reinforces things we are working on in the classroom.    You can also check the same letter mentioned above that you received on meet the teacher night to get more details about the homework cahier.

Don’t forget about our Terry Fox run tomorrow and your child’s toonie if they haven’t already handed it in.


Mme Clarke



Happy week 2 en maternelle!

Chirp magazine: Your child received a red form for “Chirp” magazine today.   If you want your child to receive this magazine please fill in the form and send it back to us.  If you do not want to get this magazine please help us out anyway–the more responses we get count towards prizes for our classroom.  You need not fill in the entire form, just your name and check off ‘no’ in the appropriate box.  All responses count.  If you want to take a peek at the magazine, please ask one of us and we will be happy to show it to you.  We have the latest copy in the classroom.  Thanks so much for your cooperation.

Terry Fox Run: We will be participating in the Terry Fox Run here at school on Tuesday September 22nd. We are asking all children to support the Terry Fox Foundation by bringing in $2. Please send this in as soon as possible in an envelope or zip-lock baggie marked with your child’s name.  Also make sure that your child has adequate outdoor shoes and weather appropriate gear for the day. This will also be a non-uniform day so students can wear something comfortable which they are able to move and run in (no boots)!

Remember that next week we are here through the lunch hour until 1:30.  It will be most important for your child to have an R on ONE of their snacks so that they know what to eat at small recess.  Thanks so much for your cooperation with this!

If you still want to order scholastic books, I will be sending the order out on Monday September 21.



Madame Clarke

Welcome to Maternelle!

Dear Parents,

Wow!  We are happy to be back and are looking forward to working with your children.  After having our first experiences with your children we see amazing things to come.   We are impressed with their skill at listening and following instructions right away.   Their enthusiasm is infectious!  Thank you for following all our rules so far.    Please don’t forget to put an “R” on your child’s recess snack.  It will make the lunch transition so much easier for us next week.    The schedule for show and tell/ “montre et raconte” will be sent home this week.   Please refer to the letter that you got at meet the teacher night for the finer details.   We are looking so forward to working with all of you!  Merci!!!  A la semaine prochaine!  –Mme Clarke

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