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Chers Parents
Mrs. Pizzolato will be our classroom photographier for the school year. Whenever you take a picture of your child and of our students from KF at any school event, please feel free to email it to her at She will begin to compile a portfolio of our students for school purposes.

Tomorrow your child will be bringing home a notebook with homework to complete. It is called a “Cahier de devoirs” your child is to complete the work enclosed as independently as possible. You may assist in re-explaining the instructions. We will request that it is returned completed within two school days. For example, if homework is given on a Monday, it is to be completed by Wednesday. The purpose of this is to give your child more opportunities to practice the skills learned in class.

We are also going to begin “Le Temps de se relâcher” (Time to relax -Quiet Time) next Monday from 1:00-1:15.
Please send a small blanket/towel labeled with your child’s name clearly written. It will be a time to quiet the mind, reflect, rest and refocus. There will either be quiet, meditative music playing, yoga exercises or simply just looking at /reading books.

Mme V et Mme L

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