Weekly Reminders

This past week, the KF class has been working on forming the letter O and they have been learning words that begin with this letter. The list is as follows: des oeufs, des oiseaux, un oeil, des orteils, des ongles, une orange, un ours, un ourson, un oignon, une oreille, des os.
A hard copy will be sent home tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will starting “Le Temps de se relâcher” (Time to relax -Quiet Time) from 1:00-1:15.
If you have already sent a small blanket/towel labeled with your child’s name clearly written, thank-you. Please remember to send one tomorrow if you have not yet done so. This will be a time to quiet the mind, reflect, rest, re-energize and refocus. There will either be quiet, meditative music playing, yoga exercises or simply just looking at/reading books.

Parent/Teacher conferences Wednesday October 26/16:
Your child will be bringing home a blue form letter which will indicate your scheduled time. Please be punctual and remember that your child is not required to attend.

Merci Beaucoup!
Mme Venetsanos, Mme Loretan et Mme Ziemnicki

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