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Salut tout le monde! Bienvenue à l'École Notre Dame de Fatima! I am currently teaching Kindergarten French 50% of the time and helping twice a month in Grade 7F. I have been teaching here since 2005 in FSL (French Second Language) on the English side. Previous to that I taught FSL for five years at St. Jude in Vancouver, one year at Our Lady of Mercy and eleven years at Holy Cross High School where I taught French 8-12, Religion, Beginner's Spanish and Italian 11. As you can see, teaching is my calling!

Semaines de relâche-Spring Break!

Chers Parents,

Our 100’s day celebration was such a success! Thanks to you all for sending all the items necessary for our activities.
Your support is greatly appreciated! The children enjoyed all the activities, especially counting to 100 all the goodies that
went into their personal trail mix. IMG_7509
Today your child brought home a small booklet called “En hiver il neige.”
She /he worked on this in class and had a chance to practise “reading “ some of it in class with us teachers and also with a partner.
There is no pressure that your child needs to feel about “reading” this booklet but if you could read it with them and encourage them to participate “reading it “ with you
over the Spring Break that would be wonderful. The repetition is a great way to build their confidence.
Please keep this booklet at home. It is theirs to keep.

**Kids are bringing all indoor shoes home on Friday- please check these and see if they still fit. Remember to return black indoor shoes and gym shoes on the Monday they return.
** Students are bringing home the Second Term report card on Friday as well. You keep the loose pages at home BUT you must return the blue cardboard folder ( sign the back please) and the envelope.

Have a safe and relaxing Spring Break. May God bless you and keep you in His loving care.
We look forward to seeing the children when they return to school on March 27th.

Mme Venetsanos, Mme Loretan et Mme Ziemnicki


IMG_7470We had a special visitor in class today! Who was it?
Well to complement our Community Unit, Docteur Kim (Lucas’ dad) came to discuss the important job he has in our local community. The children were captivated, intrigued and highly entertained by his presentation and who knows who will become a doctor from our class. Docteur Kim spoke in French as well!!! His expertise, time and effort in making this a memorable moment in the lives of our children are greatly appreciated. Merci beaucoup de la Maternelle!

Advent Week #1 and reminders for the upcoming week…


Bonjour chers Parents,
Today we celebrate our First Week of Advent. We encourage you to have your Advent Wreath present in your home to help your child in understanding this special and holy time leading up to Christmas. An Advent family prayer package will be sent home later this week to also help make this Advent season a meaningful one for all.

1. Please send a Current Family Photo as a hard copy and not an email attachment by Wed November 30th.
2. Please return Blue Report Card Folder, Envelope and sign the back as well before the end of this coming week. Keep report card, overview and specialist report.
3. Montre et Raconte: The word needs to be in French.
4. You are all invited to join our Advent Paraliturgy at 11:00 am on Tue Nov 30th.
5. Please remember to always refer to our school Comuniqué for school wide events.
6. The children have been learning about Healthy Eating according to the Canadian Food Guide this past week. They have been learning which foods belong to each of the Four Food
groups and have been participating in many related activities. As a final task, we are going to make a Healthy Soup with items of three of the food groups and eat it towards
the end of the day on Monday December 5th. Mmmm…délicieuse et bonne pour la santé!
We are aking that each student bring in either One Vegetable like a carrot, one celeri stick, one potatoe, zucchine, onion, some corn kernels, some mushrooms etc/One Fruit
to share. The pasta/rice and turkey/chicken with be provided. We will be collected these items any time this week. We will peel and clean items at school as part of lesson.

7. Since we are approaching our 50th day of school in Kindergarten, the KE and KF classes are going to celebrate this day on Tuesday November 30th from 1:30-3:00 pm
by having students in small groups participating in activities related to the 50’s.
We asking the children to come dressed from home in clothing to reflect the 50’s. For example, boys can come in jeans, t-shirts, sun glasses, etc… and the girls can come
skirts, blouses, handkerchief around their neck, short socks and shoes. Refer to the internet for more ideas. You do not need to buy anything for this.

Well, merci beaucoup for catching up with what’s happening in Kindergarten French!

Madame Venetsanos, Madame Loretan et Madame Ziemnicki

A few more reminders!

* The Vancouver Giants came into the school this past week to talk to the students about reading and physical activity. You should have received a booklet that encourages these things. All of the instructions are inside and if you complete the form (over a two week period) with your child, they will earn free tickets to an upcoming Giants game :)

* Photos are due back this upcoming Monday, November 7th. If you would like to keep the photos, please send in the correct amount of money. If you would like re-takes, please indicate this on the form and return the whole package. If you would not like any photos, please still return the entire package.

Merci for keeping up to date with what’s happening at Fatima!

Oh la la, c’est novembre!

Chers Parents,
It’s hard to believe that we are already in November!
A big thank-you to Mr. Giannotti for setting up the cork strip on our wall in the Kindergarten hallway to allow us to easily display the students’ work! Merci!

Reminders for this week:
1. Tue Nov. 8 at 11:00 -Please join us for the Remembrance Day Paraliturgy. Students are encouraged to bring $1 to buy a poppy.
2. Wed Nov. 9 -Hot Lunch-Non Uniform Day, 80’s dress up theme.
3. Thurs Nov. 10 -Litterless lunch, students are to try to ONLY use Reusable containers. You are all doing such a great job with this already. We are very impressed! Bravo!
4. Fri Nov. 11 – Remembrance Day- NO SCHOOL43b755216fb53ebc3ff9b372189e882d[1]
Please pause in a moment of silence with your family to honor the men and women who have served and continue to serve during times of war, conflict and peace. We remember the more than 1,500,000 Canadians who have served throughout our nation’s history and the more than 118,000 who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Merci Beaucoup!
Mme Venetsanos, Mme Loretan et Mme Ziemnicki

Joyeuse Halloween tout le monde! Catch up on what’s happening this coming week at Fatima and in KF!


-This Monday, October 31/16 it will be a Non Uniform Day! Students are encouraged to wear black and orange for the Pumpkin Boot Camp at 11:00.
After lunch, the students can change into their costume and enjoy a fun afternoon. Please remember that your child will not have too much time to change so please send a simple costume that can just be put on top of clothes (if possible), no masks, no makeup and no accessories which can get lost. Please do not send any treats.

-A reminder about the Cahier de Devoirs which has started coming home. Students are to complete in Pencil and coloring with crayons. No Felts and they have one week to complete it.
-November 1, All Saints Day will also be a Litterless Lunch Assembly at 11:00. Continue to do as many of you are already doing, that is, no juice boxes, refillable water bottles, reusable sandwich containers etc. You are already ahead and are respecting our theme, “Caring for our Common Home”
-November 2, All Souls Day
-November 3 and 4th, Book Fair in the church basement: Do Not send any money to school. Please go with your child after school if you want to buy any books. There will be some French books too.
-Remembrance Day Assembly will be on Tuesday, November 8th at 11:00 am in the gym. You are most welcome to join us.
-No School on Friday, Nov. 11th and No school on Monday Nov 14th as is will be Pro-D day. Enjoy the extra long weekend.

A reminder to send in our Parent/Teacher reflection form completed by date indicated.

Merci for catching up and staying informed.

Mme Venetsanos et Mme Loretan

Weekly Reminders

This past week, the KF class has been working on forming the letter O and they have been learning words that begin with this letter. The list is as follows: des oeufs, des oiseaux, un oeil, des orteils, des ongles, une orange, un ours, un ourson, un oignon, une oreille, des os.
A hard copy will be sent home tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will starting “Le Temps de se relâcher” (Time to relax -Quiet Time) from 1:00-1:15.
If you have already sent a small blanket/towel labeled with your child’s name clearly written, thank-you. Please remember to send one tomorrow if you have not yet done so. This will be a time to quiet the mind, reflect, rest, re-energize and refocus. There will either be quiet, meditative music playing, yoga exercises or simply just looking at/reading books.

Parent/Teacher conferences Wednesday October 26/16:
Your child will be bringing home a blue form letter which will indicate your scheduled time. Please be punctual and remember that your child is not required to attend.

Merci Beaucoup!
Mme Venetsanos, Mme Loretan et Mme Ziemnicki

Classroom News

Chers Parents
Mrs. Pizzolato will be our classroom photographier for the school year. Whenever you take a picture of your child and of our students from KF at any school event, please feel free to email it to her at She will begin to compile a portfolio of our students for school purposes.

Tomorrow your child will be bringing home a notebook with homework to complete. It is called a “Cahier de devoirs” your child is to complete the work enclosed as independently as possible. You may assist in re-explaining the instructions. We will request that it is returned completed within two school days. For example, if homework is given on a Monday, it is to be completed by Wednesday. The purpose of this is to give your child more opportunities to practice the skills learned in class.

We are also going to begin “Le Temps de se relâcher” (Time to relax -Quiet Time) next Monday from 1:00-1:15.
Please send a small blanket/towel labeled with your child’s name clearly written. It will be a time to quiet the mind, reflect, rest and refocus. There will either be quiet, meditative music playing, yoga exercises or simply just looking at /reading books.

Mme V et Mme L

Weekly Reminders

Chers Parents,

Tuesday Oct 18 is Photo Day!
Please remember to send your child dressed in full uniform, just like he/she expected to be dressed when attendiour school Masses. They need to be wearing their school sweater.

Wednesday Oct 19 is Hot Lunch! It will be a Non-uniform day. Your child should come dressed in Fall colors. There will also be an Earthquake Drill. Procedures will be explained in class.

Thursday Oct 20 The Great BC Shake Out. All schools in BC participate in this earthquake drill.

Friday Oct 21 Pro-D Day
No School

Merci Mme V et Mme L

Taves Applebarn Family Farm Fieldtrip Thursday, Oct. 13/16






Kindergarten French’s Fieldtrip at
Taves Applebarn Family Farm
Thursday, Oct. 13th
What an exciting and educational experience at Taves Family Farm in Abbotsford!
The children had so much fun and they learned briefly about the cycle
of apples, pollination and making apple cider. Selecting their own pumpkin and
going on a hayride were just a few of the highlights of the day. A sincere
thanks to all our Parent Drivers who dedicated their entire day to ensure
everyone was safe. We could not have done it without your support. Merci!