Taves Family Farm-Thursday Oct. 13/16

Chers Parents,

Our very first field trip is soon approaching, in just 3 sleeps!

Below you will find some Very Important information for all, especially for our parent volunteers. You will receive a hard copy with info sent from Taves Farm as it is too large to attach as a file.

A. Parent volunteer list

1. Coelho  2. Giannelli

3. Fonseca(D’souza)  4.Lee

5. Lodewyke  6. Pizzolato

7. Rivas       8. Si        9. Kim

10.  Ha

B. Weather forecast is calling for wind and rain so please dress your child accordingly. No umbrellas!

C. Please send your child with a PlasticPre-Labelled bag with permanent marker for their pumpkin

D. Parent drivers see driving directions and park in Parking Lot A or C.

E. There will be 4 students assigned to one adult who will be responsible to closely supervise. PLEASE NO CELL PHONES during the entire trip  which means from the time we leave the school to when we return. Our students’ safety is our priority!

We will meet as a whole group at the INFO BOOTH when we arrive.

PS. In future please send exact money in cash/cheque payable to Our Lady of Fatima School for fieldtrip at the time of returning permission form. This helps us out a lot.

Merci Beaucoup!

Madame Venetsanos and Madame Loretan





Taves Applebarn field trip and Walkathon


October 2/16
Thank you to all parents who have emailed me informing me that they are able to help out with either the field trip to Taves Farm or the Walkathon. All positions have now been filled.  The following parents will be driving to Taves Farm:

Coelho, Gianelli, Park (Yena Kim), Lee, Lodewyke, Pizzolato, Si and Rivas. Please advise if there is any change.

All parents will have an opportunity to volunteer.

If you have volunteered to drive, please ensure that the office has the following forms from you:

Driver’s Abstract
Criminal Record Check
Insurance Forms

* Our annual Walkathon is coming up this week on Friday, October 7th. Children are encouraged to raise $65 for a Walkathon T-shirt that they may wear on the day.

*Our theme this month has been Safety and Apples. The students will be learning about the lifecycle of an apple and will be participating in a variety of activities to enhance their learning. I am asking each child to bring in one apple before Wednesday Oct 5th  as we will be making apple sauce and serving it with vanilla ice cream.  We will also be making fun apple prints!  If you have a crockpot to lend us let Madame Venetsanos know. Merci

*The letter studied last week was “T” Please help your child practise the vocabulary words sent home.





Bienvenue à la maternelle 2016-2017!!!


Madame Loretan, Madame Venetsanos and Madame Ziemnicki would like to welcome all the Kindergarten students and families to Kindergarten French at Notre Dame de Fatima!  As well welcome to our weekly blog where we will keep you posted to what is and will be going on in the classroom, special events happening and reminders.

Please remember to send:

  • in your pledges for our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year, our WALKATHON! No money until after the walkathon.
  • lunch and snack with your child next week as we will be finishing at 1:30.
  • back blue folder in backpack after emptying it.
  • labelled gym shoes if you haven’t yet done so.
  • a labelled library bag
  • show and tell “Montre et Raconte” with your child in a non see through bag on his/her assigned day.

Merci Beaucoup

Madame Loretan, Madame Venetsanos and Madame Ziemnicki




Happy One Hundread Day Week!

We were so excited to celebrate 100 day last week with our friends from the English Kindergarten class!  Really, we celebrated in our own classroom all week long!  We even got to see what we will look like when we will be 100 years old!  Very scary!  Please enjoy these pix of the day we spent together.   We also hope you have a restful Spring Break! –Mme Clarke

20160229_094301 20160229_095139 20160229_101324 20160229_101337 20160229_101457 20160229_101522 20160229_101532



Congratulations to our Kindergarten French families!  We won a pizza lunch for the most monies collected in the whole school for the walkathon!!!  The children are super excited.  We will be having our pizza lunch on Tuesday November 24.  You may still want to send fruit/vegetables and a snack or two, but you need not send a main item that day.    Way to go maternelle!!!!

Mme Clarke

Visit from the Pumpkin Fairy!


We had an exciting day in Kindergarten today!  Someone forgot to take us to the pumpkin patch so the Pumpkin Fairy came to help us!  We spread fairy dust and poof the pumpkins appeared before recess on our field outside!   Tomorrow we will do all kinds of fun activities with our pumpkins.  Woo Hoo!!!

C’est moi la belle citrouille!!!!!

Mme Clarke


Happy October!

We all survived the first month of school and the transition to full day Kindergarten!  Whoopee!!!  The children are adjusting to the routines and are working at learning how the school day works.   We are hearing some French and are excited by their progress so far.   Thanks for all your cooperation with the routines.  It makes our day function so much more successfully when the children are prepared and helps them to see how school works and ultimately helps them to learn.  I cannot stress enough how important routines are for children.   A reminder about library day;  please have your child keep their library book and cahier in their library bag–not the blue folder and only have them bring the library bag to school on Mondays, which is our library day.   Also please remember to empty out their blue folder on a daily basis.  The children can get confused about what to give us in the classroom if they have things from previous days in their folders.

The school is in the process of straightening out our email accounts.  I have been receiving emails but have not been able to respond and I apologize for this glitch.  I believe that I am now able to respond so please feel free to email me if you are unsure of something or have any questions or want clarification on any issues.   I am also going to make a group email for us so that I can email you if necessary.  I will let you know when I have done this.

You will be receiving your second newsletter from us today in your child’s dossier bleu.  On it you will see the vocabulary we have learned for our current alphabet letters and also our alphabet chants.    Please help your child review the vocabulary and alphabet chants a few minutes per day.  It will help us out so much more in the classroom.   You will also receive the October scholastic order.  If you would like to order scholastic  please use a cheque and not cash as we cannot send cash in the mail.   If you ordered in September, your child received their books yesterday.

Thanks to all of you who have sent in your child’s walkathon pledge sheet.   The children are excited to do the walk and have been excited to receive their t shirts.   If you haven’t yet sent in the pledge sheet you can do so at any time and we will send it back to you along with a t shirt for your child.   You need not send in the $ in order to get the t shirt.

Thanks so much for all your cooperation so far!   It’s coming together!

Mme Clarke


Week 3 so far…

Today your child received their first library book.  Please do one page in the library cahier–in pencil only.  Also let your child copy and print out the title and author’s name, and have them circle whether the book was excellent, medium or terrible.  You can fill in the comment area by stating what your child thinks of the book.  As the year goes on, your child should be able to do the printing in the comment area, or in fact, fill it in themselves.  Please use both sides of the paper for the entries as we would like this cahier to last all year long.   Please review the notice that you got on meet the teacher night for more details.  Please help your child to remember to bring their library bag,  book and cahier always on Mondays.

Also your child received their ‘devoirs’–homework cahier today.   Please have your child do all the work in pencil only–they will need your guidance of course.  When necessary,  please have them colour in crayons or pencil crayons only–no felts please–they have a nasty habit of bleeding through the pages.  Your child will probably be excited to do their homework–if they are not, please have them hand it in at least once per week.   It’s good practise for their fine motor skills and reinforces things we are working on in the classroom.    You can also check the same letter mentioned above that you received on meet the teacher night to get more details about the homework cahier.

Don’t forget about our Terry Fox run tomorrow and your child’s toonie if they haven’t already handed it in.


Mme Clarke



Happy week 2 en maternelle!

Chirp magazine: Your child received a red form for “Chirp” magazine today.   If you want your child to receive this magazine please fill in the form and send it back to us.  If you do not want to get this magazine please help us out anyway–the more responses we get count towards prizes for our classroom.  You need not fill in the entire form, just your name and check off ‘no’ in the appropriate box.  All responses count.  If you want to take a peek at the magazine, please ask one of us and we will be happy to show it to you.  We have the latest copy in the classroom.  Thanks so much for your cooperation.

Terry Fox Run: We will be participating in the Terry Fox Run here at school on Tuesday September 22nd. We are asking all children to support the Terry Fox Foundation by bringing in $2. Please send this in as soon as possible in an envelope or zip-lock baggie marked with your child’s name.  Also make sure that your child has adequate outdoor shoes and weather appropriate gear for the day. This will also be a non-uniform day so students can wear something comfortable which they are able to move and run in (no boots)!

Remember that next week we are here through the lunch hour until 1:30.  It will be most important for your child to have an R on ONE of their snacks so that they know what to eat at small recess.  Thanks so much for your cooperation with this!

If you still want to order scholastic books, I will be sending the order out on Monday September 21.



Madame Clarke