French Immersion

We will provide a challenging French Immersion programme as a path leading to the children becoming bilingual. This program will conform to Ministry of Education guidelines for the province of British Columbia. We will develop French language patterns with listening and oral presentations. Reading and writing skills will follow. We wish to develop competence in French language according to the ability of the pupils at their respective grade levels. Through discovery of Francophone culture we will awaken the child to a lasting appreciation of French. As per the Ministry of Education guidelines for each grade level, French is offered as the language of instruction for approximately the following percentages of the school day: Percentage Instruction in French by Grade

Percentage Instruction in French by Grade
Grade 1100%
Grade 2100%
Grade 380%
Grade 480%
Grade 580%
Grade 680%
Grade 780%

English Program

The English program is the mainstream program followed by most schools in the province of British Columbia. All texts and support materials used are those recommended and authorized by the Ministry of Education. Learning outcomes and goals are consistent with the Ministry guidelines called Integrated Resource Packages. Instruction in French as a second language begins in Grade 3 English.

The Religion Program

The purpose of the religion program, taught by staff and pastor, is to give students a closer, more intimate relationship with God and to prepare children for the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. Each class spends at least thirty minutes a day on the formal program. All students (Catholic and Non Catholic) are required to participate.

The academic program will be infused with a Christian outlook and Christian values. A positive attitude is established where faith grows and allows us to accept the responsibilities of our baptism:

  • Concern for each other (LOVE)
  • Helpfulness and sharing (CHARITY)

The signs of Catholicity will be indicated by participation of the school community in:

  • Staff and Education Committee retreats
  • Participation in special Sunday masses in the parish
  • Liturgical celebration such as:
    • Ash Wednesday
    • Way of the Cross
    • School Feast Day
    • Bi-Weekly School Masses - where songs, readings and intentions are prepared and presented by the school


The purpose of homework is to develop good study habits, to enhance and reinforce skills and concepts. Unfinished classroom work may also be considered homework. It should be noted, however, that some children take longer to complete assignments. The following times then should be regarded as a guide or an average.

Average Homework
Kindergarten20 minutesMonday to Thursday
Grade 120 minutesMonday to Thursday
Grade 220-30 minutesMonday to Thursday
Grade 320-30 minutesMonday to Thursday
Grade 430-40 minutesMonday to Thursday
Grade 540-45 minutesMonday to Thursday
Grade 645-50 minutesMonday to Thursday
Grade 750-60 minutesMonday to Thursday

Homework should not be assigned on the following occasions:

  • Weekends
  • Professional days
  • School holidays

Computers In School

A computer lab in the school is equipped with 15 Windows based student computers, a server, a teacher computer and three printers. All classes, K-7 are scheduled for computer instruction each week. Our school library is completely computerized. Library cards for all students are filed in class folders and all borrowed books are recorded in the library computer.

All classrooms have one computer for instructional use utlizing projectors. Two classrooms have SMART board systems for instructional use which are shared by all grades.