As a Christ-centered community, we at Our Lady of Fatima School, strive to foster a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment in which all students develop spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially and physically. We are called to be witnesses of faith and to serve God in the very important mission of evangelization. We recognize the uniqueness of the individual and that learning is a life-long journey that embraces all members of our community: teachers, students and parents

At Our Lady of Fatima, we believe that school should be a safe environment where students want to go and are not be afraid to attend. Through Project Respect (Fatima Five) and our School Safety Program, we strive to emphasize and celebrate positive behavior as well as make the students aware of the consequences of engaging in negative acts, particularly those that involve others.


In Kindergarten our program emphasizes a standard of treating each other as Jesus teaches us. Positive behaviors such as sharing, taking turns, maintaining personal space, are constantly reinforced. The students are taught to 'use their words' when conflicts occur and speak directly to the person/s involved. If the problems cannot be solved they are taught to seek adult support. Literature is used as a teaching tool to lead discussions regarding social issues and social situations. A focus of our religion program deals with social justice at this level as well as forgiveness and gives the students examples of how to handle different situations.

  • Storybooks
  • Call To Faith/Christ Our Life
  • I Am A Gift From God
  • Focus on Bullying (modules in English and French)

Grade 1

Throughout their grade 1 year, students will be guided to develop an understanding of fairness, empathy, and inclusivity. These objectives will be achieved through the use of weekly classroom meetings, direct teaching, modeling, and role playing. Positive reinforcements of kind and respectful actions toward others, such as Fatima Fives, will be used to encourage pro-social behaviours. Also, through the I'm a Gift From God program, students learn to respect their bodies as true gifts from God. They are taught the skills and the language to say 'No' to what is wrong, and to seek the help of trusted adults.

  • Project Respect (Fatima Five)
  • Identifying and Expressing our Feelings
  • Respecting Our bodies as gifts From God
  • 'I' messages and the Problem Solving Model
  • Non au Taxage!
  • Focus on Bullying
  • Bully Busters K-5
  • I'm a Gift From God Program
  • Call To Faith

Grade 2

In grade two students will be provided with tools and activities to foster empathetic and respectful behaviours. Through class discussions, observations, readings, role playing and modelling students will learn to demonstrate socially responsible behaviours. Our focus will be proactive with Christian pro social expectations used to promote the building and maintaining of friendships while encouraging all students to actively participate in making the world a better place for all.

  • Friendship, empathy and respect for all
  • Learning the steps to the problem solving model
  • Using the Fatima 5 as an important part of creating a positive classroom and playground environment
  • Call to Faith
  • Character Builders
  • Bully Busters K-5
  • Esteem Builders
  • Project Respect (Fatima Five)

Grade 3

During Grade Three students will learn to treat others and themselves with respect. They will do this by participating in class discussions, making connections with 'social teaching' stories, and reflecting on personal experiences through writing and drawing. Strategies will be introduced for dealing with disrespectful conduct and will be addressed and reinforced through a variety of activities.

  • Applying Catholic principles to interpersonal relationships
  • Understanding that our bodies are sacred
  • Respecting the bodies of oneself as well as others
  • Making moral decisions consistent with Church teachings
  • Assertive and avoidance in abusive situations
  • Finding help and support in abusive situations
  • I'm a Gift From God
  • Call to Faith (Grade Three textbook)
  • Focus on Bullying
  • Various story books that reinforce the topic of discussion

Grade 4

Grade Four is a year where students are challenged to take personal responsibility for their actions, led by activities that focus on making good decisions, setting personal goals and building self-esteem. Students will take part in on-going class meetings that will lead to brainstorming appropriate responses for everyday issues. As well, students will engage in a variety of other activities to address the development of healthy relationships, such as role playing common issues that arise in different relationships and discovering ways to solve these problems. Students will be given the opportunity for personal reflection and will work on developing the skills necessary to maintain healthy relationships.

  • Making positive, moral decisions using the Ten Commandments as a guide
  • Practicing inclusion of peers with Jesus as a role model
  • Identifying and responding to bullying situations
  • Using communication skills and respectful behaviour to build positive relationships
  • Discuss ways to attain and maintain physical and emotional health
  • Show respect and appreciation for others' God-given talents and gifts
  • Call To Faith Program
  • Focus on Bullying
  • I Didn't Know I Was a Bully
  • Bullying Prevention Activities

Grade 5

In Grade Five, students will continue to build up their personal collection of positive relationship skills to promote a healthy and safe classroom and school environment. Through drama, reflective writing, readings, and other activities, students will practice identifying intimidating or disrespectful behaviour and learn new ways to deal with the situation as either the victim or as a witness. Students will learn the difference between assertive, aggressive, and passive behaviours. Empathy will be emphasized as an important way of reacting to the needs and feelings of others. Students will also reflect upon Christian values and the teachings of Jesus in their daily encounters with others.

  • Expressing and sharing feelings
  • Contributing to a safe school environment - Project Respect (Fatima Five)
  • Friendship
  • Empathy - W.W.J.D.
  • Understanding consequences of negative behaviours
  • Saints as role models
  • Focus on Bullying
  • Bullying: Identify, Cope, Prevent

Grade 6

In Grade Six, students will be taught the skills in order to be aware of their actions and the impact those actions have on others. This will be done through readings, classroom discussions, and role plays that place students in different social situations. In doing so, students will learn the necessary problem solving skills in order to resolve any conflicts that arise.

  • Re-enforcing the strategies for dealing with aggressive behaviors
  • Accepting responsibility for our actions
  • Relating self-esteem and relationships with others
  • Identifying consequences for actions
  • Self-Esteem- Activities to build self esteem
  • Let's Talk About Bullying
  • La Belle et La Brute (French Novel)

Grade 7

In grade seven, students undergo many changing emotions, and will be faced with making decisions which may be difficult for them. Facing challenges and peer pressure in their teenage years, and in high school, are the focus for developing skills to understand and deal with such issues. Through discussion, reading, writing and role play, students will learn strategies to make healthy and informed decisions regarding moral and social issues, as well as, peer pressure. The importance of developing self-esteem and establishing healthy relationships in their spiritual and social lives are important.

  • Maintaining positive and healthy relationships with family, peers, society and the Church using Catholic principles
  • Understanding pressures associated with high school and teen age life
  • Learning strategies to make moral decisions consistent with Catholic teachings regarding peer pressure and conflict
  • Understanding and being able to apply Catholic principles to interpersonal relations (family, peers, society, Church)
  • Call to Faith
  • Focus on Bullying
  • Project Respect (Fatima Five)